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Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerated Dentistry is a revolutionary platform designed to empower dentists with the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their careers and financial success. We offer a range of transformative education and services to help dentists reshape their practices and embrace accelerated growth. Our vision is to see dentists worldwide achieve unprecedented levels of professional excellence and financial success.

Certainly! We offer three distinct levels of education:

  • Level One: This is where your journey begins. It’s a comprehensive training module led by our founder, Dr. Jamie Harris. In Level One, you’ll focus on enhancing your clinical skills, improving your case presentation techniques, and streamlining practice management. Dentists can expect a remarkable 30-40 percent boost in productivity within just six weeks.
  • Level Two: In this level, you’ll unlock the secrets to financial success in dentistry. Dr. Harris introduces ten crucial commandments inspired by his own journey to success. Topics include retirement planning, patient marketing, efficient dentistry, and more.
  • Level Three: This is the final step in our transformative journey. Dentists will learn to eliminate overhead costs, significantly increasing the overall value of their dental practices. It’s the ultimate step toward a highly successful and stress-free dental career.

Our approach is unique because we focus on providing dentists with practical, actionable knowledge that leads to enhanced clinical efficiency, exceptional financial outcomes, and personal growth. We believe in equipping dentists with real-world skills that can bring about tangible results.

We help dentists achieve financial success through education and practical training. Our programs cover essential topics like retirement planning, patient marketing, managing overhead costs, and efficient dentistry. By following our guidance, dentists can secure their financial future and enjoy the rewards of their hard work.

We understand that every dentist has a unique learning style and pace. That’s why we provide a flexible learning approach that includes nearly 50 short videos. Dentists can learn and implement our strategies at their own speed, ensuring that the education is tailored to their needs and preferences.

Dentists can expect several benefits, including increased productivity, improved case presentation skills, streamlined practice management, financial success, and the potential for early retirement. Our goal is to help dentists thrive in their careers and enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

Accelerated Dentistry offers a unique opportunity for dentists to reshape their careers and achieve financial success. Our founder, Dr. Jamie Harris, has firsthand experience in the dental industry and has developed strategies that have led to his own success. Dentists who join our program can unlock the future of dentistry and enjoy limitless possibilities for their careers. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey—join us today!