How Accelerated Dentistry Shapes Dental Careers

Navigating Financial Success:
How Accelerated Dentistry Shapes Dental Careers

A magnificent transformation is taking place within the world of dentistry, ushering in a new era of unprecedented opportunities. Over the past few decades, there hasn’t been a more thrilling development than what is now known as Accelerated Dentistry, and it promises to reshape the careers of dental professionals across the globe.

Jamie Harris, the founder and managing partner of Accelerated Dentistry, provides information on how his business is helping to shape dental careers by providing financial success.

Dr Jamie Harris, a retired dentist who once boasted the fastest-growing practice in the world, is a living testament to the power of this groundbreaking program. In 2013, Dr Harris achieved a staggering 600% growth rate, propelling his practice from zero turnover to an astonishing $2.4 million in just nine months.

It was a sensational feat that exceeded even his own extraordinary accomplishments in dentistry. Notably, among all of his achievements, the most lucrative and impactful has been his ability to retire from dentistry in just two short years.

Before diving deeper into the world of Accelerated Dentistry, it’s essential to address some preliminary matters.

Dr Harris emphasises the importance of seeking independent advice in various critical aspects of dentistry, such as modelling, accounting, taxation, ADA compliance, dental board regulations, and legal matters.

Accelerated Dentistry offers three distinct levels, each tailored to meet specific career goals. At Level 1, dental practitioners can quickly enhance their practice’s productivity by an impressive 30-40% within three months.

“This level focuses on improving chair side efficiency, staff delegation, diagnosis and treatment planning, and patient presentation. The result is a more organised and efficient practice that significantly reduces stress and increases turnover,” explains Harris.

Level 2 introduces an even more exciting prospect: retirement in just two to three years. To achieve this, practitioners are encouraged to start with Level 1 to build the necessary proficiency. Level 3 accelerates the process further by optimising overheads and putting the entire practice on steroids. Throughout this journey, expert guidance is available every step of the way.

Traditionally, a dentist works approximately 1,750 hours per year with a 60% overhead, resulting in a turnover of $600,000 to $700,000. The path to retirement is typically arduous, often spanning 35 years or more. Level 1, however, offers a way to increase turnover by up to 40% within six weeks, significantly reducing stress and improving organization.

“Yet, even with these improvements, retirement funds and the quality of dentistry may remain in the lower range,” says Harris.

By investing in Levels 2 and 3, dentists can potentially achieve retirement within two to three years with a thriving practice boasting low overhead, high turnover, reduced stress, ample retirement funds, high-quality dentistry, and substantial goodwill value.

Strategic structures can further enhance the value of one’s practice upon retirement, potentially yielding significant returns.

The foundation of Accelerated Dentistry is a patented system that catapulted a practice from zero turnover, without staff or systems, to a remarkable $2.4 million turnover in just nine months.

Level 2 introduces ten commandments that enable practitioners to replicate this success even faster. These commandments provide a roadmap to financial prosperity and early retirement, helping dentists break free from the traditional model of accumulating wealth over several decades.

The traditional retirement model for young dentists involves starting with student loan debt, buying a house, acquiring a practice, and laboriously accumulating funds for retirement over many years.

However, Accelerated Dentistry challenges this paradigm by offering strategies to front-load retirement funds and create a more balanced, fulfilling life.

To retire comfortably, individuals need 13 times their final income saved. Traditionally, this requires a substantial portion of one’s income to be saved over 40 years. Accelerated Dentistry, on the other hand, offers a solution that reduces the time frame dramatically, allowing practitioners to achieve their retirement goals within a few years.

Addressing the national saving rate, which is often insufficient, Accelerated Dentistry advocates for a change in approach. With increased competition, rising costs, and other factors at play, dental professionals must adopt new strategies to secure their financial future.

Dr Harris embarked on this journey with a dream, the “Domino Dentistry Dream,” envisioning a life of six-month work cycles, low overhead, high income, minimal stress, upfront retirement funds, high-quality dentistry, and the ability to sell the practice for significant goodwill value.

“This bold vision served as the catalyst to develop Accelerated Dentistry, a process that took years to refine and perfect,” says Harris.

In conclusion, Accelerated Dentistry represents a groundbreaking shift in the dental industry. It offers dental professionals the opportunity to dramatically increase their practice’s efficiency, reduce stress, and accelerate their path to retirement.

Dr Jamie Harris’s remarkable success story serves as a testament to the program’s potential. By challenging traditional models and thinking creatively, dental practitioners can achieve financial success and early retirement while providing high-quality dental care to their patients.

In the realm of dental excellence, one name stands out – Jamie Harris, the visionary behind Accelerated Dentistry. If you want to attain a substantial income but also to transition smoothly into retirement or alternative lifestyles within just three years, then visit Accelerated Dentistry today.

In a world where dental practices often adhere to tradition, Jamie Harris and Accelerated Dentistry have emerged as the catalysts of change.

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