Who Is Accelerated Dentistry, And What Do They Do?

 Who Is Accelerated Dentistry, And What Do They Do?

In the scenic coastal town of Mooloolaba, Queensland, a groundbreaking dental consultancy is making waves. Led by the visionary Jamie Harris, Accelerated Dentistry is transforming the dental industry with its innovative approach to training and coaching. The business has rapidly gained recognition for its unique offerings that empower dentists to achieve unparalleled levels of success.

Jamie Harris, the owner and managing partner of Accelerated Dentistry explains what the business is and what they do.

Accelerated Dentistry has a clear mission: to equip dentists with the tools they need to be financially secure or even retire within just three years.

With a comprehensive range of services, Harris aims to revolutionise the way dentists approach their careers, financial futures, and retirement plans.

At the heart of Accelerated Dentistry’s offerings is a commitment to nurturing dentists’ professional growth. The consultancy’s services are tailored to transform dentists into well-rounded professionals capable of not only delivering exceptional clinical care but also achieving financial freedom.

With a focus on three distinct service levels, Accelerated Dentistry offers dentists a chance to evolve their practice and outlook.

Level 1 – Mastering the Art of Dentistry

Treatment Planning: Dentists learn the art of precise treatment planning, enhancing patient care and practice efficiency.

Case Presentation: Effective communication is key, and dentists are trained to present cases comprehensively to patients.

Clinical Efficiency: Dentists gain insights into optimising their clinical processes, leading to improved productivity.

Rapid Results: Accelerated Dentistry boasts a remarkable 30-40% productivity increase within just 6-8 weeks of implementing these strategies.

Remote Learning: Videos, workbooks, and educational materials facilitate remote learning for all three levels.

Cutting-edge Technology: Access to Cerec/Cad machines for producing high-end porcelain fillings.

Level 2 – Elevating Dental Careers includes

High-Income Skills: Dentists acquire skills for achieving substantial incomes, enhancing their financial outlook.

Retirement Transition: Accelerated Dentistry offers a unique roadmap for transitioning to retirement or alternative lifestyles within just three years.

Unrivalled Expertise: No other company worldwide provides such comprehensive and effective strategies for dental professionals.

With a set of six informative videos, Accelerated Dentistry’s Level 2 program offers an unrivalled educational experience that’s set to transform dentists’ careers and lives.

What sets Accelerated Dentistry apart from the competition is its exceptional approach that’s unmatched in the industry. As Jamie Harris proudly states, there is simply no opposition worldwide, particularly when it comes to Level 2 services.

Level 3 – Eliminate Overhead Costs – Retire Early

Level 3 is where dentists can replace overhead costs with structures and techniques that increase the value of retirement. Building a resource that generates wealth in perpetuity, or selling it to leave dentistry completely, is the choice. Dentists can reach unheard-of financial security and a speedy retirement from the industry with the proper strategy.

While other businesses offer various forms of training, none can replicate the comprehensive and transformative programs offered by Accelerated Dentistry.

“Founded just 12 months ago, Accelerated Dentistry has already made significant strides in redefining how dentists approach their careers and financial futures. Despite its young age, the business has already positioned itself as a beacon of innovation and success in the dental industry,” explains Harris.

Accelerated Dentistry caters specifically to dentists, carving out a niche that promises to reshape the way dental professionals envision their careers. By focusing exclusively on this niche, Accelerated Dentistry can offer tailor-made solutions that directly address the unique challenges faced by dentists.

In the future, Accelerated Dentistry wants to see practitioners all over the world achieve previously unheard-of levels of professional excellence and financial success by utilising top-tier dental expertise and a successful track record.

“Accelerated Dentistry strives to empower dentists to redefine their careers and embrace a new era of accelerated growth through an uncompromising commitment to offering revolutionary education and unmatched service,” says Harris.

With the goal of revolutionising the dentistry industry, Accelerated Dentistry trains dentists in cutting-edge techniques and information that improve clinical effectiveness, produce outstanding financial results, and promote overall personal development. Accelerated Dentistry works to enable dentists to realise their full potential within the field through a constant pursuit of excellence and a commitment to providing exceptional value.

With its unparalleled services, visionary leadership, and transformative impact, Accelerated Dentistry is poised to become the industry’s number one choice for achieving unprecedented success in the dental industry.

As the business continues to thrive and reshape the landscape of dentistry, Jamie Harris and Accelerated Dentistry are undoubtedly at the forefront of revolutionising the way dentists approach their profession and their financial futures.

In the realm of dental excellence, one name stands out – Jamie Harris, the visionary behind Accelerated Dentistry. Accelerated Dentistry caters exclusively for dentists by imparting coveted skills that enable dentists not only to attain substantial incomes but also to transition smoothly into retirement or alternative lifestyles within just three years.

In a world where dental practices often adhere to tradition, Jamie Harris and Accelerated Dentistry have emerged as the catalysts of change.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA Group

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