An In-Depth Look at Accelerated Dentistry’s Levels Two and Three

 An In-Depth Look at Accelerated Dentistry’s Levels Two and Three 

In the world of dentistry, a groundbreaking revolution has been brewing over the last few years, and it’s called Accelerated Dentistry’s Level Two and Three.

Jamie Harris, the founder and managing partner of Accelerated Dentistry, provides an In-Depth look at Accelerated Dentistry’s Levels Two and Three.

Dr Jamie Harris, a retired dentist who witnessed an extraordinary transformation in his practice, is here to guide you through this innovative approach that is set to redefine the way you view dentistry and your future in it.

The Birth of a Game-Changer: Dr Harris’s journey with Accelerated Dentistry began with a dream—a dream of working just six months a year, maintaining a low overhead, earning a high income, securing retirement funds upfront, delivering high-quality dentistry, achieving retirement in just 12 months, and selling his goodwill for an impressive 4-8 times its normal value.

It was an ambitious vision, but as he would later discover, aiming high is the key to success.

Level Two of Accelerated Dentistry introduces ten crucial commandments that can help you replicate Dr Harris’s success:

1. The Retirement Model: Traditional dentistry often condemns dentists to years of work just to accumulate enough funds to retire. With the retirement model, Dr. Harris introduces a new approach that aims to secure retirement funds upfront, relieving you of the financial burdens that haunt most practitioners.

2. Retirement Calculations: Dr. Harris emphasises that you need 13 times your final income stashed away for retirement. Traditional savings plans can take decades, but Accelerated Dentistry offers an alternative that will turn your retirement strategy on its head.

3. The National Saving Rate: With a national saving rate of just 5%, a major problem arises. Accelerated Dentistry encourages you to change your approach to secure your financial future effectively.

4. The Domino Dentistry Dream: Inspired by Houdini, Dr Harris encourages you to dream big, develop a strategic plan, systematise your practice, implement changes, and continually evaluate your results. It’s about thinking both inside and outside the box, just like the famous magician.

5. Understanding Dental Materials: “Level Two delves into the importance of using high-quality dental materials, highlighting the differences between composites, amalgams, and porcelain. Providing the best and longest-lasting materials can be a game-changer in your practice,” says Harris.

6. Efficient Dentistry: Dr Harris shares how a simple exchange of knowledge with a colleague led to a 40% jump in individual chair side productivity. Efficiency, combined with good treatment planning, is a critical element in this equation.

7. Managing Overheads: Traditional dental practices often face overheads of around 60%. However, as you progress through the levels, the volume of work you produce will increase exponentially, enabling you to reduce overhead costs significantly. The result? A highly profitable business.

8. Perfect Patient Marketing: To thrive in this new age of dentistry, you need to identify your perfect patient and market your services efficiently. Dr Harris recommends targeting a niche, rather than attempting to serve everyone who walks through your door.

9. The Pareto Principle: This principle reminds us that 20% of your clients contribute to 80% of your profits and problems. By focusing on the right clients and the work you love most, you can minimise stress and maximise your rewards.

10. Delegation: Dentists should delegate tasks as much as possible. It’s a skill that’s often underutilised but can have a significant impact on your practice’s efficiency.

Level Three: Taking It to the Next Level. “Accelerated Dentistry’s Level Three is where you learn to eliminate overheads, dramatically improving your EBITA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, and Amortisation) and the overall value of your dental practice,” explains Harris.

It’s the final piece of the puzzle in creating a highly successful and stress-free dental career.

In conclusion, Accelerated Dentistry’s Levels Two and Three represent a paradigm shift in the world of dentistry. Dr Jamie Harris’s revolutionary approach challenges traditional dental practices, offering an innovative path to financial success, efficient dentistry, and a fulfilling career. By embracing these principles, you can build a valuable business, retire early, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Dentistry may never be the same again, thanks to the new age concepts brought forth by Accelerated Dentistry.

In the realm of dental excellence, one name stands out – Jamie Harris, the visionary behind Accelerated Dentistry. If you want to attain a substantial income but also to transition smoothly into retirement or alternative lifestyles within just three years, then visit Accelerated Dentistry today.

In a world where dental practices often adhere to tradition, Jamie Harris and Accelerated Dentistry have emerged as the catalysts of change.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA Group

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